Problems targeted

Both video gaming and gambling industries are booming billion-dollar industries that are expected to rise enormously in the following decade. The boundaries between gaming and gambling have already become blurred.

Huge demand for NFT games with gambling features

Thousands are bred annually in an attempt to create the fastest dog and many are suffering injuries while racing. We can eliminate greyhound racing through digitalization.

Greyhound racing is now illegal in more than 40 states in US

Football, the worldwide market leader in sports betting market, is expected to be bypassed by animal racing. Previous attempts to get animal racing digitalized were well received by the Community.

Slow Digitalization of the racing market

9Tails connects people around the world where dog racing is illegal in a simple, play-to-earn platform, where users can join or host races in their own tracks for profit.


By the use of Blockchain & RNG technology, 9Tails creates unpredictability and enables endless possibilities to outcomes of player actions.


9Tails utilizes smart contracts to store ownership and will be tracked using Ethereum blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens.


Product Details

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9Tails will begin with a pre-defined number of tracks, each racetrack will have a staking pool of its own.

By staking 9Tails token in any of the pool, a player can own a part of the racetrack, being granted a percentage of the fees accumulated according to their share of stake.

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NFT Dogs

Similar to real-life race dogs, NFT Dogs have an unique DNA profile that is used to assess their value. Fully unique in every aspect, a dog is a valuable asset that allow you to earn payouts by participating in races.

Dogs can be bought in NFT marketplaces or created through breeding.

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Users will have the ability to bet on live races.



9Tails coin launch IGO
Minting of Genesis NFT dogs
Smart contracts setup
Beta website


Beta platform launch
Smart contracts for NFT breeding
2d race
MetaMask integration.


3d race
Racetrack system launch
Additional NFT dogs items launch
Direct 9Tails coin purchase on the platform
Livestreaming via Twitch.


In-game Marketplace
9Tails mobile app for IOS and Android
Ads services integration
Betting system launch

About Us

A team of Tech & Digitalization Enthusiasts.
  • Located in Romania, we are a team of experienced software developers and much more.
  • Blockchain enthusiasts, crypto advocates with experience in high-frequency trading on BSC.
  • As you could imagine, animal lovers by nature, always eager to find new innovative solutions to contemporary problems.

Team Players

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Professional Full-Stack developer | Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Specialist | Entrepreneur

Buciu Marian Co-founder
team member

Enjoying developing smart contracts and back-ends for the Ethereum/BSC ecosystem. Proficient in Geth, ERC-20/BEP-20 development, ERC-721(NFT) development and integration.

Ionita George Co-founder
team member

Blockchain enthusiast & developer | Past life: book writer & market data systems developer

Bucica Mihai Co-founder
team member

Blockchain Security Professional with a thorough knowledge about all the security measures to make Blockchain-based systems work efficiently, having the ability to innovate and implement new business models. 

Constantin Dan Cybersecurity
Multi-billion-dollar markets

video gaming, gambling, NFT technologies

Breaking the bariers. People from all around the world can now own, breed and bet on dogs.

With millions of spectators worldwide, the dog racing industry has maintained its popularity for centuries.

Token Distribution

Private Run: 24%
Public Run: 10%
Marketing: 15%
Liquidity: 25%
Team: 10%
Advisors: 5%
Development: 11%

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